torsdag 29 januari 2009

Karin + Learning to Love You More

I made an encouraging banner, idea from Learning to Love You More. Quote from a Nick Cave song.

tisdag 27 januari 2009

Åsa fails and makes up for it

Today I wanted to try my sour dough, so I baked this bread (yeah, I started it a couple of days ago, of course). But it didn't turn out well at all, so I'm not going to show it.

I am going to show some photos I took today when we celebrated Emma's birthday!

Madeleine and Petter


Martina swings
(Why don't I have a swing in my appartment?)


måndag 26 januari 2009


I made us a new banner today! Much needed.

fredag 23 januari 2009

Karin making Lily of the Valley pretty at last!

Today I've (finally) been good and made a new logo and started to remake my site design, yay!

Click here to go to my store!

...or here to go to my new store blog!
I'm hoping to be done with the sitecompletely tonight.
Thousands of thanks to Tobias for all the help!

torsdag 22 januari 2009

Karin - spraypaint the shit out of your ugly things!

Helmets are just too ugly to ever look in any way attractive, cool and/or sporty so it's better to go straight to ridiculous & great! Sadly the flash made the logo shine through way more than it does. I still love my helmet now though, and I hated the sight of it before. If you buy a can of spray paint it will last for lots of things. I sprayed my sewing machine case also, and my flatmate Kristina sprayed a shelf and some flower pots, our recycling bags and other things I don't remember right now.


Karin + Good Prattle + some other things

I've been bad with updating again, sorry!

I promise you I'm working on a big update with my site which will be ready to be shows soon! Plus my boyfriend and I just spent two days in a row watching about 11 hours of information movies on InDesign which has left me all messed up in my head.
I've gotten lots of help with my site from Tobias for as long as I have had it, and you should all pay his site a visit, especially if you need website help!

Now I'm off to email a list to Good Prattle as a creative mission for the day.

Åsa + Karin + Photobooth

We were going to do this with bananas. Banana phones, banana Zoolander pose glasses, banana on head (Åsa has that in the first picture, didn't show!) eating bananas. However the machine tricked us and left us with crappy pictures and -70 kr. And we ate 1½ of the the bananas in anger, then took new pics.

måndag 19 januari 2009

Åsa bakes a cake

We've been making a lot of cakes in school recently. Today we made a lot of chocolate decorations. This cake has a layer of brownie first, then a layer of milkchocolate mousse and on top of that, a white chocolate mousse. It's decorated with grapes and chocolate.

Karin taking pictures at demonstration for the people of Gaza.

lördag 17 januari 2009

Åsa goes to P3 guld

Today I'm going to P3 guld! Hooray! It's very exciting! I'm specially cheering for Markus Krunegård.
I look like this (but much happier!):

fredag 16 januari 2009

Karin writing+drawing letters

I've been putting together a letter for an old friend of mine today, it's not finished and I can't show you the whole thing anyway, neither can I enlarge it more, since I'm not sure if she reads this blog or not.

Karin <3 Greenpeace

Sorry this isn't creative, it's just important.
Follow the banner link to Greenpeace and become a plot owner to stop the expansion of Heathrow Airport.

Airplot - i am an owner

torsdag 15 januari 2009

Åsa is exhausted

I'm exhausted from the first week back in school. But I have sent a "I love you more than______" to I love you more than (found thanks to HELLO TIGER!), which one is mine is however a secret. But here's another photo from when I hung out with Emma.

Ps. I highly recommend that you listen to this.

onsdag 14 januari 2009

Karin bonus posting

Some pictures from lately to make up for the fact that I haven't had time to post much at all.

Karin finally finished that dress.

I finally took the time to finish the dress I made from the cut off skirt Mattias gave me! I cut the skirt up to get rid of some stains that wouldn't come out, put it back together again without the stained parts, removed one of the bows from the skirt and put it on the bodice I constructed in vintage velvet fabric I've found at a thrift store. Then I put elastics in the bottom part of the dress to make it a short puffy one. It's almost a full circle skirt so it has lots of volume now.

söndag 11 januari 2009

Åsa (and Karin) needs missions

Okay, it's like this. We want you to send creative missions to us, mail me at and tell me what you want us to do. The person who gives the best mission will get these gloves I did on friday.
Mail me BEFORE friday.

That's that. Easy!

(of course there is a left glove)

fredag 9 januari 2009

Åsa has been really creative

Today I've been super creative! You will see the result on sunday when we will have our first competition on the blog! Hooray! So instead of that, here's a photo of me when I went to Ireland a couple of years ago with my photography class. I just found it on a cd with old photos I had laying around.

onsdag 7 januari 2009

Åsa photographs Emma

Today I've been in my friend's collective and spent time with my wonderful friend Emma who's back from Berlin!

Åsa's efit-day

I had an efit-day (one photo/one hour) this monday, but my camera decided to die in the middle of the day. So the last photos are taken with Karin's camera.

I woke up at 11.00

I had breakfast and watched Kids in the hall at 12.00

At 13.00 I was dressed and ready to get something done.

My place looked like a mess, so I started to clean it. At 14.00 I was done with the bathroom and started to clean up my livingroom/bedroom.

I was still cleaning at 15.00, but at 16.00 Karin came over and we had a meeting about the blog. I also baked mint and chocolate brownies, and buns with apple and cinnamon filling, made of rich short pastry (?)

At 17 some other friends came over. Here's Pierre, Karin and Kristina.

Catarina was a bit late, but at 18, 19 she came!

After that I didn't take any photos. We drank tea and ate cookies for a while, Karin stayed a while longer and watched Mighty Boosh with me. And that was basically the day.

måndag 5 januari 2009

Åsa's new years resolutions

wonderful photo by Susanna Erkheikki

Karin told me to write a list with my new years resolution, so I did. But they turned out to be way too personal, but here are some I feel I can share. This year I tried to be as concrete as possible:

- document this year better (both with text and photos)
- not let dirty dishes stand for longer than three days
- pay my bills on time
- walk more
- don't get too drunk
- stop skipping classes

- always use condom when I have sex
- "Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts, don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours"

and of course be more creative.

(ps. I had an efit-day today, but my camera died, so you'll see the photos another day)

söndag 4 januari 2009

Karin's resolutions.

These were my new years resolutions.

+ Try to update this blog frequently, and be more creative over all. It's not really that
hard for me to take time to make at least something of value each day.

+ Be more conscious about politics, environmental issues in particular,
and try to create more politically relevant art/crafts.

+ Continue with not buying anything new at all. I hardly did last year either.
+ Take care of my people!

What were yours?

Åsa bakes bagels

Bagels are great and super easy to make. Perfect!

lördag 3 januari 2009

Karin mending, modifying + making small things

I've spent the day mending and modifying things.
+ I found an almost identical button to the one missing in the red blouse that Amelia sent me once when I bought dresses from her, so that I'm finally able to wear it!
+ I made a little red bow brooch
+ I mended my beloved black vintage clutch, which the wrist strap had fallen off of. I added a in style very similar vintage button to hide the mending and am very pleased.
+ I took in the back of a golden floral 50s suit jacket that my parents bought me so that it'd fit me better.

Again, pics made with the help of Poladroid.

fredag 2 januari 2009

Karin + New Years + Poladroid

At 00.00

Everybody watching fireworks except Åsa.
I don't have a polaroid camera so I used Poladroid.