tisdag 25 november 2008


Today I took some photos of me and a coconut! You might say that this is the inspiration, I love Mighty Boosh!
(ps. all photos are clickable as usual)

Me and my coconut Gilbert.

I accidently dropped him on the ground.

He was in pain.

Then I killed him.

I'm sorry Gilbert!


Today I taught myself to stand on my head without a wall as support, yay! I tried to take nice pictures of it but it was hard to do it with the self release. Annnnnyway I'm also making a huge embroided collage thingie which is not yet finished.

måndag 24 november 2008

Åsa, bonus

The last couple of days I've mostly been knitting and taking photos with my analouge camera. I'm trying to photograph more and when I develope the film I will make a bigger post and show you. Until then you will have to settle with a bonus post with photos from a shoot Karin and I did this spring.

fredag 21 november 2008

Åsa & Karin

Today Åsa got tattoed and Karin took pictures and kept company and that was all the creativity there was time for today. The tattoo artist is Felicia at Buzzstop 28, who is fantastic and an allround super nice person.

torsdag 20 november 2008

Åsa & Karin

Today we have had little time to do something creative, we've done something more important! We have been supporting an occupied house in our neighbourhood. Karin did do a banner and we can show you some photos.

tisdag 18 november 2008


I've been drawing and making collages in my notebook all day, practicing fonts in preparation of making a new logo for my site. The quote is by Thoreau; "I think that there is nothing, not even crime, more opposed to poetry, to philosophy, ay, to life itself, than this incessant business." Neither of the pictures scanned very well, the collage is embroided on my sewing machine.

Åsa, bonus

I'm still crazy tired and knitting away, so here's a bonus post with some photos taken with my favourite camera!

måndag 17 november 2008


This feels a bit ridiculous to say, but I'm still doing secret stuff. Or actually, I'm knitting, and it's been taking up a lot more time than I thought. And I'm crazy tired since I'm doing my internship right now, so I don't have any energy at all. But this is a sneakpeak:

Karin day ?

I've been working on the dress for hours today without success! I had to change all of the bodice and am still not pleased. So no picture of that, though I have been creative! So here's pics of the only other creative thing I did today - I put some extensions in my hair and took pictures of it.

söndag 16 november 2008

Karin day ?

I'm giving myself a mission today, I've been planning to make this dress for quite a while but never gotten around to it. This is the skirt part of a broken and stained 40s dress that Mattias gave to me because he was using the white lace bodice for doll making. I'm going to shorten it, make a black velvet bodice instead and use one of the bows as decoration. In this picture I had already cut out pieces of the skirt where it was too stained to save, put it back together and removed one of the bows to put on the bodice instead. You'll see the result tomorrow! This is a promise!

Karin day ?

I've been making loads and loads of christmas cards, post cards and earrings for Designmarknad on November 29th in Jönköping. I put some on my site so I might aswell show them off here too. The earrings I won't put on the site until after the design market though. The cards are handdrawn with cut outs from vintage maps, books, patterns, magazines, christmas decorations etc.

Åsa + Karin

We are losing motivation because we stopped getting ideas. It was especially hard when Åsa didn't have a camera either, very limiting. Now we just need to decide a day (which will probably be tomorrow because it's a monday), and get back on track for real.
We would LOVE to get suggestions of missions from you! What do you want us to do? We have no money though, that's the only thing you have to consider.

Karin day ?

I've finally decorated my room to a point where I am pleased with it! I put up vintage wallpaper on the wall, and made a curtain out of a fabric that had been cut off a skirt once upon a time by a lady called Ulla that I occasionally buy vintage things from for my site.
I put some fabric patches on my boring beige pillows.

Half of a painting by Frej and my favourite lamp ever wearing my favourite girdle ever. And some story book print in the background.

Vintage wallpapers, lots of hats.

Bat poster, child's dress, two little paintings by my boyfriend, two vintage dresses, bow on the lamp.
Two late 19th century jackets I've bought from Ulla, painting by Frej.

torsdag 6 november 2008

Åsa, day ? (again)

This is a selfportrait of me and one of my latest bruises (I get bruices reaally easy)

måndag 3 november 2008

Karin day ?

Frej turned 25 this friday and we took photobooth pictures. I also made him a gift that made me not have time to update this blog much, however it's not postable on the internet since it's a fairly long video and I wouldn't know where to upload it.

Åsa day ?

I'm still doing secret stuff.
But today I took a picture of my feet while doing one of the things I love the most.