torsdag 6 november 2008

Åsa, day ? (again)

This is a selfportrait of me and one of my latest bruises (I get bruices reaally easy)

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irmelin/hermelin sa...

vad har hänt? varför kommer det inga nya inlägg?

Human rights defender sa...

I am a Ugandan freelance scribe and Volunteer child rights activist with an indigenous Ugandan NGO dealing with community development and strives to build self-reliance and sustainable development in the most impoverished communities of Eastern Uganda through strategies that promote community participation and individual empowerment.

I am supposed to attend the forth coming International Development Conference-2008 organized by the Centre for Agricultural Resources & International Development (CEFARD: in Toronto, Canada this November 27-29 and present my paper on the theme: Child labour, a threat to the future skilled manpower in Uganda but i need funding to cater for my economy air ticket.

CEFARD is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, and humanitarian organization. CEFARD's mandate is to champion the course of global poverty alleviation through agricultural resources and developmental tools mostly in the developing nations of the world.

The British Airways Corporation in Kampala Uganda have promised me a discounted ticket offer at 1,887 US$ (Entebbe-Toronto) on humanitarian grounds. I have also contacted KLM Air lines who gave me a tentative flight booking but they promised to give me a discounted rate. The most important need at the moment is the air ticket. I want to suggest that at least 19 people offer me 100 US $ each to make a pool offer of 1,887 US $ for my air ticket. Preferably use money gram or western union money transfer and text the secret question and answer, including the control number to my cellphone: +256 751 548255.See my contacts below.

Alternatively you can get a philanthropist can purchase an air ticket on line and send the economy e-ticket to my email address below. Let Departure date be 23th November,Arrival-24th November;Return departure date-December 30; Arrival date 31 December 2008; Entebbe-Toronto.

I have previously presented papers children's rights in Australia 2008, Belgium (2006) and Azerbaijan (2008) on political rights of Ugandan prisoners at an International human rights conference in Baku and attended a Child Rights in Practice training organized by the International Institute for Child Rights and Development at the University of Victoria in Canada last year.

I look forward to your benevolence and cooperation.


Fredrick Charles Guluma
Volunteer Child Rights Activist
Foundation for Development of Needy Communities NGO
Mbale Uganda
Cellphone +256 751 548255