fredag 2 januari 2009

Karin + New Years + Poladroid

At 00.00

Everybody watching fireworks except Åsa.
I don't have a polaroid camera so I used Poladroid.

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josefin sa...


Anonym sa...

hur gör man sånna bilder?

Malorie sa...

Lovely photos. Thanks for posting the link for that program. I love it and have been playing around with it. )

get me out of this city sa...

the last photo looks quite vintage, i really like it!
poladroid is fun, now that polaroid film is so expensive i am using it more :)
p.s. i really enjoy this blog!

Karin + Åsa sa...

thank you all three of you!



Anna sa...

Jättefint tips, något jag tänker använda mig av massvis i fortsättningen :)