onsdag 8 oktober 2008

Karin day 4

My assignment today was to have an EFIT-day. (One photo/hour.)
I didn't really manage to take one every hour but I think I did allright with compensating.

I woke up at about 7.00, at Åsas place because we had lots of beer yesterday and I felt like going to her place and eat heaps of bread instead of going home.


I had breakfast and then I watched Lars and the Real Girl on her computer. At 8 or so I decided I was too tired and went back to sleep.

So there's a two hour break.

Then I woke up around 10.00 and started watching again.
Still really tired, and my eyes were itching.

Then I waited for a tram and took the wrong tram by accident from being tired.

Met up with Frej at the station 11.22, he came back after 10 days in Umeå.

We got to his place and I showed him my smashed toe.

He applied for jobs and I read a book about how to fix anything.

He made lasagna.

After that I went to Johanna & Mattias where I admired their dishcloths.


Then we baked and drank tea.

Tried to get in to contact with spirits, but failed.

Watched a tv-show about hunks instead. This was their example:
Inbetween I also wrote a letter to a secret celebrity who lived next door, this did however not photograph well at all and I deem it not a nice enough picture to post here.

Frej arrived for a second attempt of spiritual communication and we tried to dress appropriately.


When we failed anyway we burned the board outside and walked home.

Then we got home to my lovely collective where we met Kristina who was making soup. And that's it and now we're going to sleep.


4 kommentarer:

Karin + Åsa sa...

mycket bra! allt vill säga. bra människor!

Anja sa...

Vilket spännande liv! Jag menar det verkligen (även om det kanske kan tolkas ironiskt). :)

Karin + Åsa sa...

nu såg jag att Frej har ny piercing ju! SNYYYYGGT! jag är onekligen avis.

Karin + Åsa sa...

åsa: jaa jättebra. och piercingen är fin.

anja: :) det är ett bra liv.