lördag 30 maj 2009

Karin + webpage making

Today I learned how to write an entire page in css/xhtml! And then I did that + the images. It was for school so I really was Forced To Make Something. The subject was happiness, hence the title & all.

13 kommentarer:

Natalie Jean sa...

way to webpage karin
I am looking for a course to teach me the same
hope you're well !

private detective Toronto sa...

it's really cool
why don't write here more?

lilykarin sa...

Åsa and I never have time to do all this stuff anymore! Åsa is working full time at a bakery and I am studying full time and running my webshop and blog.. sadly!

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girls! springgg soon!

bridal gowns Toronto sa...

have a nice weekend!:)

Mississauga music school sa...

what about new posts?
have a nice springtime

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and only silence instead answer

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people!!look at this

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wedding catering Toronto sa...

i think it's ok
all in our life changes..

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still nothing new

transmission repair Vaughan sa...

how is summer going?;)

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the 13th June today