fredag 29 maj 2009

Karin makes a sleeping bag case

I made this the other day because I gave my sleeping bag case away to a guy in Copenhagen since he needed it more than I did. Also I like this new one a lot better since it's easier to carry it around with a larger handle. And it's prettier. Sadly my sleeping bag itself is really ugly so now I'm thinking I will need to decorate it somehow to match the case. The fabric is as always thrifted...

Ps! Our friend Pierre will guest blog for us a little bit this week! He has a lot of creative projects going on. And Åsa has finally graduated from bagery school and will be a little less busy perhaps. I have a week of intense studying ahead and then I will have summer off and start sewing clothes for my site again!

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kajsa sa...

oooooh. Its.. so... very.. lovely!