tisdag 7 oktober 2008

Åsa day 3

My assignment for today was to observe three people on the tram to, and home from school and write something about them. I've made it sort of like a predjudice profile:

on tram #6 to Länsmansgården, 06.30:
1. She's sitting towards me, dark curly hair and glasses. probably a teacher in her thirtees, graduated from school recently and teaches young kids that love her. When the parents talk to eachother they will describe her as inventive, charming and sympathic. She recently bought a house with her fiance. They got engaged a couple of years ago but the wedding will have to wait. They haven't got any children of their own. Yet. But they have two cats as a substitute. She's listening to coldplay.

He's doing a very funny face, he looks very hesitant and it almost looks like he's thinking "whaaat?". This is however probably his "normal" facial expression. He has a very random job that has something to do with computers, but he's not a computer nerd, which he often stresses when people ask him about his work. He thinks politic is kind of foolish and doesn't care that much.

She has a very blanc face, not a morning person. Her hair is red and black and she looks like someone who typically goes to Arvikafestivalen together with her boyfriend with long, black hair and piercings. She listens to Evanescence (or hates me for thinking that). I think she has a boring job that she hates, most likely as a cleaner.

on tram #11 to Bergsjön, 14.30:
1. She's a women who looks like she's younger than her age, which makes me think that she might be forty but looks like thirty. She looks a lot like a young Whoopi Goldberg, and I can see her with two kids at home, but no woman/man. She works as a music teacher and if the
adolesents she teaches weren't so tired they would probably realize that she is better than they give her credit for.

2. A man in his forties is sitting towards me. He works with a boring job at an office and kind of likes it. He has been married to his wife for 15 years or so, and they personifies the old stereotypes with her cooking and cleaning and him reading the paper after work.

3. Sitting next to his mother is a little boy. He might be 8 years old and goes to school. He has two siblings. When he grows up he want's to be like Zlatan.

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