måndag 16 mars 2009

Åsa shows photos from where she lived in Malmö

"I dreamt of a society where women was forced to shave their legs... It was so fucking scary."

I'm not very fond of my own appartment right now, but I love my friends place where I stayed in february when I lived in Malmö. I thought I'd show some photos.

Juice's room:

Juice loves this little german boy made of porclain.

The living room:

Whenever I could choose music I always chose Alphaville.

chaos in front of the stereo
photos of Juice and me taken many years ago

a strip Juice made that's called "Mitt liv som idiot" (My life as an idiot)

Juice's paintings

more of Juice's drawings

The kitchen:

Yoko and John above the stove.

a card from Fulheten

Lina's room:

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