tisdag 3 mars 2009

Åsa said goodbye to Malmö with a embroidery

In Malmö, I stayed with my two best friends. Instead of writing an ordinary "thank you for letting me stay here"-note, I decided to make an embroidery for them. It took more time than expected, probably around 10 hours, but it was worth it.

The embroidery says:
Hej J-Type och Amigo!
Tack för en kalasbra månad. Tack för öldrickeri, fjanteri, Melodifestivalhets, Köpenhamnsresa, besök vid havet och trånga nätter i Linas säng.
Det finns alltid plats i Göteborg för er.
Puss Öli.

A losy translation is:
Hi J-type and Amigo!
Thank you for an awesome month. Thank you for beerdrinking, being silly, Melodifestivalfrenzy, the trip to Copenhagen, visits to the ocean and cramped (?) nights in Lina's bed.
There's always room in Gothenburg for you.
Kisses Öli.