fredag 10 oktober 2008

Åsa day 6

There's been some complications about my assignement today. But finally we decided that I would do a list that our friend Salomo suggested the other night.

What I am happy/unhappy with in my life right now.

I'm the most happy that I:
- live in a great appartment in Kortedala in Göteborg, right where I want to live
- am surrounded with awesome friends that I love and care about and that I hope love and care about me too.
- am studying what I decided that I wanted to study two years ago, and that I, decpite all obsticales, didn't give up.
- know myself well enough to understand how I work and what I want.

I'm not happy that I:
- eat meat.
- still am too lazy when it comes to most things.
- live far away from some of my best friends, like Lina, Josefin and Martin.

There are probably more things to be said, but these felt like the most essentials right now, a night like this.

I'm also going to make a list of my most inspirational websites/blogs online:

- Nanna Johansson is a genius. I love her.
Check out her blog Fem bilder, and her website Fulheten.

- My friend Pontus showed me an awesome bread blog called Pain de Martin.
I will start my own sourdough any day now thanks to it.

And then I have tons of photograpers that inspire me.
Here are some:
- My friend Anna is the most awesome person and photographer.
Visit her lovely blog and her website.

- My friend Pontus is also really talented.
His site is called Kognak and you'll find it here.

- Karin's friend Asia is one of the persons who has inspired me the most when it comes to photography. She has a portfolio here.

- Jamie Campbell is damn good too.

- And one of my favorite sites all times is The ones we love.
The idea is so wonderful, the photos are amazing, and you'll find lots of links to great photographers.

3 kommentarer:

Pontus sa...

tack för det.. och sjukt härlig idé med en kreativitetsblogg!

Karin + Åsa sa...

Tack tillbaka :)

j. camp. sa...

i like you more then you like me, you know.